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About us

      Sky Trees Limited was established in 2013. Its holding company, Indonesia Ever Rise International Investment Co., LTD (hereafter refer to as Ever Rise International), developed the “86 thousand hectares of Sago Agro tree renewable resources comprehensive development project” in Papua province of Indonesia.


      Sago Agro, scientific named west valley coconut and belonging to the arecaceae, is an economic tree resource growing in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. The main producing area is in Indonesia's Papua region where has concentrated 70% valley coconut resources in the world. Sago Argo’s trunk is rich in starch. Per plant can produce 200 to 450 kilograms of starch and its dry starch content can be as high as 20% to 30% when measured by weight. The performance of Sago Agro starch is physically and chemically close to the potato starch, and some industrial index of it are even better than that of potato starch. So it is considered to be high-end starch and is widely used in the food, medicine, paper, textile and other industries. Besides, Sago Agro is also a high quality raw material for the production of fuel ethanol. In the Indonesian government publication "The 2025 National Energy Strategies” in 2006, Sago Agro had been listed as an important raw material to replace gasoline to produce fuel ethanol in the future.

      By the end of 2014, Ever Rise  International had completed the relevant legal permit formalities from counties, provinces, and the central government in Indonesia, including counties’ magistrate instrument of ratification, governors’ ratifications, forestry development licenses, environmental permits, and the central investment committee approval, etc., which were involved in the  “86 thousand hectares project”. In 2013, entrusted by Ever Rise International, the China Light Industry Nanning Design Engineering Co., LTD., the State Forestry Administration Survey Planning and Design Institute, and the CCCC Group Water Transportation Planning and Design Institute, these three parties formed a working team in the project area to start the investigation and engineering design work, and also united to complete the Project Business Plan. In 2014, Ever Rise International entrusted Beijing Zhonglin Assets Appraisal co., LTD to evaluate the assets of the project. The evaluation team entered the project area to carry out the survey and had completed the assessment, showing that the evaluation value is 3.7 billion RMB.

      Based on the 86 thousand hectares of natural Sago Agro tree resources, Sky Trees Limited and Guangxi State Farms Mingyang Biochemical Group, INC have reached an agreement, planning to develop the project into a circling economic industrial park with Sago Agro starch as the core production. In May 2016, Sky Trees Limited entrusted the China Light Industry Nanning Design Engineering Co., LTD. to write the construction feasibility report of the industrial park. The report shows that the total investment of it is about 2.1 billion US dollars, and the total construction scale includes: an annual output of 500 thousand tons of Sago Agro starch, 300 thousand tons of cassava starch, 120 thousand tons of organic manure, 560 thousand tons of biological feed, annual output 200 thousand heads of cattle slaughtered, 200 thousand tons of rice processed, and 100 thousand tons of aquatic products.

      In the meanwhile, Sky Trees Limited also entrusted China 22MCC Group Corporation Limited as the EPC general contractor for the industrial park construction project. It was on 27th June, 2016, in witness of Indonesian ambassador, Mr Soegeng Rahardjo, in Zhongye Building, that Ever Rise International together with China 22MCC Group signed the EPC general contracting framework protocol of the 86 thousand hectares Sago Agro circling economic industrial park project.


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