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Sky Trees Limited was established in 2013. Its holding company, Indonesia Ever Rise International Investment Co., LTD (hereafter refer to as Ever Rise International), developed the “86 thousand hectares of Sago Agro tree renewable resources comprehensive development project” in Papua province of Indonesia.


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We aim to move towards the international

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We aim to move towards the international



Chairman LvBaomin and President LiM

On 14th November 2017,accompanied with LvBaomin , President of Papua Business Promotion Association in China, Li Mu, President of Sky Trees Limited, and XieJiang, Chairman of Shenwu (Guangdong) , Mr. Suchal Lahalzo, Indonesian Ambassador to China, visited ShenWu Group’s headquarter in Changping, Beijing. Mr. Suchal Lahalzo listened to the related technologies of Shenwu Group and the introduction of processing projects in Indonesia, and communicated friendly with Doctor WuDaohong,the chairman of ShenWu Group....



Chairman LvBaomin met with Mr. Suck

On 31st August 2017, Mr.Sucken Rahardjo,Indonesian Ambassador in China met with Lv Baomin, Chairman of the Papua Chamber of Commerce in China. Chairman Lv Baomin reported to Ambassador about the Circular Economy Industrial Park project in Shagu will adopt the biomass technology from Shenwu Group to make full use of the waste during the processing of Shagu starch. After hearing the report, Ambassador expressed his interest in biomass technology. President LvBaomin invite Ambassador to visit Shenwu Group at an appropriate chance....



Accompanied with Chairman Lv Baomin

In 14th July 2017, Mr Xuxiangchun, manager of China Metallurgical Group met with Mr Yanghaikong,general manager of Land Reclamation Group and Mr Lvbaomin, President of the Papua Business Promotion Association in China. They communicate the progress about Shagu Industrial Park and strive to achieve substantive progress....



22mcc Group sign the EPC framework 

22mcc Group sign the EPC framework agreement for industry park utilizing sago agro forest in Indonesia with Ever Rise International Investment Limited...



How local people extract starch fro

How local people extract starch from sago...

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